Other Speaking Topics

  • A Yeshiva Boy’s 12 Year Journey Through Secular College Campuses
  1. Wait…I Was Kollel Track….
  2. Culture Shock: A Stranger Among Us
  3. Standing Up For Standing Out
  4. There Are Girls In The Class?
  5. Fighting Farrakhan
  6. They Did WHAT? A Look At Campus Immorality
  7. The Campus Fight For Israel In A Post 9-11 World
  8. PC Rules Don’t Apply to Jews
  9. There Is Less Missionizing On A Catholic Campus
  10. Don’t Be Heterosexist…
  • From LD to Ph.D
  1. There’s No Place For You In Jewish Schools
  2. Finding Services In Non-Jewish Schools
  3. Why Can’t I Be Like Everyone Else?
  4. The Constant Need To Prove Myself
  5. It’s Not My Fault. I Have LD.
  • Infertility
  1. How Many Children Do You Have?
  2. DK: Designated Kvater
  3. Obviously You Have No Bitachon
  • Pregnancy And Child Loss
  1. The Devastation Of Child Loss
  2. Rumors, Rumors Everywhere
  3. How’s Your Wife? The Forgotten Husband
  4. They Weren’t Real…
  5. Lessons Learned
  6. It’s Not So Bad. Everyone Lost Children in Europe…
  • Premature Birth
  1. 28 Weeks
  2. Watch the Seconds On The Clock
  3. Going Home WITHOUT Your Baby
  4. Tubes Tubes Everywhere
  5. OT; PT; What Will Be